Allison Kopf FOUNDER

$10 million raised

The strategic importance of indoor agriculture

Jake Tyler and Nat Cartwright FOUNDERS

$75 million raised

Bringing conversational AI to banking

Vinnie Liu and Frances Brown FOUNDERS

$60 million raised

The future of offensive security


$75 million raised

The complete smart apartment ecosystem

Joanna McFarland FOUNDER

$20 million raised

Safe, dependable transportation for kids and seniors


$75 million raised

Transforming cities by autonomous electric shuttles

Ellison Anne Williams FOUNDER

$30 million raised

Pioneering security for data in use

Kaley Nichol & Kerrigan Behrens FOUNDERS

$ million raised

Accessible and Approachable CBD products

Michael Walsh Co-Founder and CEO
Steven Theesfeld Co-Founder

2017 Raised $1.2M Seed, 2020 Raised $6M Series A

The fully integrated Caregiver Support Platform

Caitlin Long Avanti Bank

2020- Founded in Cheyenne Wyoming, 2020 - raised Angel Round, 2020 received Bank Charter, 2021 Raised oversubscribed $37 million Series A

Digital Asset Banking, Custody and Payment Solutions

Michael Gorton and John Halsey Co-Founders Recuro Health

2021 Founded in Dallas, 2021 Launched integrated digital solutions, 2021 Raised oversubscribed $2.9M Seed round

Better Data/ Better Health Outcomes