About 1843

1843 Capital was created in 2016 as an early stage venture capital firm with a difference. We are managed differently; our executive team are women. We invest differently; we value diverse founders and board members. We engage differently; with capital, counsel and connectivity.


  • Integrity: we approach every interaction and challenge with a strict adherence to a moral code.
  • Diversity: we value diversity of thought, geography, gender and race.
  • Distinction: we treat each investment with honor, special favor and superior attention.

About Our Name

1843 Capital was named for the year Ada Byron Lovelace is credited with writing the first computer program, shown at left. As the only legitimate daughter of poet Lord Byron, Ada found poetry in numbers and is credited with recognizing the full potential of Charles Babbage’s analytical engine. At 1843 Capital we wonder: “what would have happened if Ada was funded.”