1843 Capital has teamed up with the Vinetta Project to create an exclusive and evergreen ecosystem & deal-flow pipeline of high-potential founders across North America.



The Vinetta Project's Mission

Startups founded by women are 20% more likely to be revenue generating
Investors make 35% higher ROI when they finance female founders.  Yet, they are underrepresented in positions of power in the innovation and investment ecosystem.

Vinetta is focused on changing this distribution of knowledge, power and capital.

What they do

As a leading ecosystem and deal flow pipeline they support early stage female founders with access to growth resources and capital. Through strategic event programming, operated in 7 tech hubs across North America, they deliver educational programs and premium networking opportunities for founders, funders and community partners.

Vinetta maintains one of the largest databases of seed to Series A female founders in North America, attracting and reviewing over 2000+ deals per year. Vinetta has been able to channel over $50M in investment into early stage companies supporting hundreds of women as the start and scale.