1843 is a technology-focused venture capital firm supporting Series A startups with diverse founding teams through a unique investment model and sourcing process.



  • Our team brings 50+ years of combined experience in venture investing, hardware, software and operations. We have taken companies from start to exit and have the track record to prove it
  • We leverage our proprietary sourcing and vetting partnership with The Vinetta Project providing a unique competitive advantage for deal flow and portfolio support

  • We have an extensive network of commited global advisors including serial Founders, Leading Operators and co-investors dedicated to supporting the growth of our portfolio companies.



Female founders make up nearly 20% of all startups, yet receive less than 3% of funding. At 1843, not only are we passionate about changing these statistics, but we also see this funding gap as a market inefficiency that can yield outsized returns.

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We know the challenges of founding and building a startup from scratch. We've lived through the pain, the sleepless nights, and the elation. We are fortunate to have invested in a powerful group of successful founders, and we are excited about discovering the visionaries of the next decade.

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