CNBC: Tracy Chadwell on Three Women Who Could Rock the Job of Uber CEO

The chances of Uber choosing a woman as its next CEO are about the same as getting a cab in midtown Manhattan in the rain at rush hour.

As a woman who has built her career in and around tech, I strongly suspected this even before this week's report that the field has been narrowed to four men, all CEOs. Just over 5 percent of chief executive roles at Standard & Poor's 500 Index companies are women — and a string of recent departures means that number is on the decline. As much as many people would like to see a female take the lead at a troubled Silicon Valley company that has come to epitomize all the gender problems that have long troubled tech, I know as much as the next business person that the numbers just aren't in our favor. And that's a shame. Despite what the numbers tell us, there are many, many qualified women who could drive Uber into the future.